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All codes, algorithms & software platform links used in "Magic Of Algorithms" will be made available for download soon.


rat[LAB]x is an exchange platform to run cross-disciplinary work across various scales & platforms.


With the ever-evolving design field, rat[LAB]x seeks to collectively explore the art and ideologies of different creative disciplines keeping technology and mathematics at the core. Each artist brings a different perspective as they bring together their current visions and how the use of technology is changing their outlook towards design.

Believing in experimentation and the immense power of collaborative action, rat[LAB] will be joining hands with Ten Creative Artists on a single exchange platform art[x]INDIA. In many ways, this platform will mean working closely together with artists, not just to create art, but also learning about each others beliefs and practices. Fellow designers from various creative disciplines as Clothing & Fashion, Graphics & Media, Music & Film, Hospitality / F&B, Body Artists and Hair Artists, Engineers & Car Designers along with prominent Architects and Interior Designers will be contributing and participating in this collaborative discourse.


Neha Lakhani


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