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6 X  Parametric Design Workshops  +  Studio Reviews​  + 10+ Online Sessions 1 End of the Year - Showcase/ Exhibition


SMART LABS 3.0 Project Showcase 2020

Multidisciplinary Applications of Computational Design & FUTURE OF DESIGN EDUCATION


The year 2020 has been an year of challenges, unrest, revelations and uncertainties. But it has also created new opportunities and unlocked new windows towards a new prospective future.  

Smart Labs 3.0 Project Showcase opens up through 3-day continuing sessions of online project showcase through a series of free talks & discussions about FUTURE OF DESIGN EDUCATION. The project showcase would celebrate the works of students explored through the hybrid programme that lasted almost 1 year (with intermittent gaps & disruptions due to the pandemic). During the third batch of Smart Labs Programme, Computational Design skills were taught through a series of studio and online engagements such as Natural Systems / Biomimetics, Complex Parametric Modelling, Dynamic Remeshing, Environmental Simulations, Interactive Systems, Concrete 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Fabrication Data Management, to name a few processes. A digital exposition curated online would showcase a permanent imprint of the work-in-progress by students demonstrating the exploratory and multidisciplinary nature of the studio. Physical prototypes as installations, furniture, lighting elements and architectural models would be displayed at the Exhibition Space, RVS School of Architecture, Chennai, open to public, and archived for online viewing. The exhibition space is envisaged as an extension of the virtual space, while the virtual space (online showcase) is an extension of the physical exhibition space, conceptually manifested as a dual-format exposition, as the third batch of SMART LABS culminates, with APPLICATIONS OPEN for Smart Labs 4.0 (Batch of 2021).

The 3-day day webinar / summit is fueled by LIVE DEBATES on each-day with professionals and experts from different parts of the world to discuss about opportunities and challenges of design education. The sessions are FREE to attend and would be streamed LIVE through Smart Labs’ platforms.

Smart Labs 3 Project Showcase 2020

PROJECT SHOWCASE 2020 // LAUNCHING on 24th Oct 2020

Smart Labs 3 LIVE DEBATE Panel


Friday, 23rd Oct 2020 | 4 PM to 6 PM IST // 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM GMT |

How do millennials respond to Online Education?

Panellist // Hamza Shaikh + Faisal U-K & Curator // Sushant Verma


The changing times and new age technologies brings in lot of opportunities for the millennials. Millennials prefer a broad spectrum of learning strategies and systems. With heavy expectations there comes a lot of drawbacks too; Having shorter attention spans, less concentration powers and getting bored easily, the new age kids require a learning system with less boring theoretical lectures and more interactive learning techniques.


Saturday, 24th Oct 2020 | 4 PM to 6 PM IST // 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM GMT |

How to prepare yourself before pursuing Post graduation?

Panellist // Abhishek Bij  + Vishu Bhooshan & Curator // Sushant Verma


One should never stop gaining knowledge, and pursuing Post Graduation leads to enhancement of one’s critical, statistical, analytical, industry-specific skills etc. After 5 years of class room education, and working on field one develops different skill set and gain interests individually in particular fields, Gaining further knowledge in the interested stream and pursuing Post graduation will help in changing careers, gaining a higher post, potentially boosting one’s skill set etc


Sunday, 25th Oct 2020 | 4 PM to 6 PM IST // 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM GMT |

What does the Future of Online Education look like?

Panellist // Pradeep Devadass + Reeveezee Antony & Curator // Sushant Verma


Online Education provides time saving, cost effective procedure for any career streams. It provides a platform for students and professionals with the flexibility to improve and update their skill set and gain knowledge of various streams. It ultimately makes people responsible, increases self-discipline and motivation to learn. Online Education allows for a better balance of work and studies at one’s comfort and finger tips.



30 mins - Smart Labs 3.0 Project Showcase by Sushant Verma

1 hour -    Live Debate with Guest Panellists

30 mins - Future of Smart Labs - 4.0 Overview



Smart Labs 3.0 // Studio Gallery