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Sushant Verma's article on "Emerging 'Laboratory' Culture in Architectural Design" published in Architecture Update April 2016

April 2016

Article published in AU April 2016 Issue // Emerging 'Laboratory' Culture in Architectural Design //

"To sail within the profession, one requires an in-depth knowledge of the complex process of creation, which calls for research. A dive into this vastness happens within these design laboratories set up in various parts of the world in academic as well as professional settings. It won’t be long before ‘Labs’ become an integrated part of the profession, and not just as innovation-led support systems relying on larger practices for their survival."

- Sushant Verma

rat[LAB]-Research in Architecture & Technology

rat[LAB] EDUCATIONS's standpoints on design education featured in Decorama Magazine

February 2016

We are delighted to have rat[LAB]EDUCATION's standpoints & views about Design Education in India featured in Jan-Feb 2016 Issue of Decorama Magazine.


“There is an experimental & laboratory culture emerging in various parts of the world that drives the design discipline at its frontal. This needs to be developed in India by encouraging a laboratory culture in design practice, in profession as well as academia.”, sums up Sushant Verma, head of research organization rat[LAB].


Read the full story in Decorama Magazine where Stalwarts from the industry debate about curriculum in architecture school in India.

Talk on Computational Design in Tokyo

January 2016

Sushant Verma, Founding Partner of rat[LAB] – Research in Architecture & Technology (UK/INDIA), & Masaki Morinobu, Architect at Nonscale Co. (JAPAN) will be delivering a collaborative lecture on computational design, parametric techniques & advanced architectural methodology at FabCafe Shibuya, Tokyo in Japan on 23rd Jan, 2016. The lecture will be centered on the discussions about a novel concept of B2H architecture over the conventional B2B & B2C models of development, initiated by Takumi Yoshioka, Director of Architecture, Nonscale Co. (JAPAN).

October 2015

Indian Architect & Builder (IA&B), 29th Anniversary Issue (Oct 2015) features 'Cellular Morphology Project' done by rat[LAB] as a part of Special Edition - Power of the Hand: DIGITISING DESIGN.

September 2015

rat[LAB]'s work is featured in Sept 2015 Issue of Architecture Update Magazine under 'Insight: Parametric Design'. Full article on 'Algorithmically Designed Facades for Climatic Adaptability' can be read on AU Website.

September 2015

Felicitated for our contribution to 'Festival of Architecture & Interior Design' (FOAID 2015) that took place on 25th & 26th September at The Lalit, New Delhi, India. 'The Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing’ is an attempt to showcase progress of contemporary architecture & interior designing in India over the past decade. This platform provides a national forum for the exchange of ideas and experience amongst experts from a broad range of disciplines.

September 2015

Cellular Morphology Facade System featured in 'Facades Special' in Inside Track September 2015 Issue.

August 2015

News about rat[LAB]EDUCATION's Computational Design Tour - 'Filling The Void' featured in news section of Decorama Magazine, Aug2015 Issue.

August 2015

rat[LAB] projects featured as a part of Cover Story on FUTURISTIC FACADES: Wrapped in Better Ideas in August 2015 Issue of Decorama Magazine, India.


"There is a resistance to use of computation in the industry in India due to a number of myths such as higher costs. There is a preconceived notion that using computation would be more expensive in India and we are trying to break this notion by putting 'cost optimization' as the primary criteria in all our projects," elaborates Sushant Verma, Co-Founder, rat[LAB].

July 2015

'Parametrically Designed Facades for Climatic Adaptability' by Sushant Verma is published as a 'Special Feature' in July 2015 Issue of MGS Architecture Magazine, India.

July 2015

rat[LAB]’s Tool & Methodology for ‘Computational Spatial Analysis’ is exhibited at SSS10 London (at UCL) as a Research Poster. The evolving methodology is being applied on a number of on-going projects in India by the studio. The poster shows some of the strategies that have been developed to adapt to projects in India to carry out a rational analysis at architectural & urban scale, with the use of 'computational techniques'. 

July 2015

rat[LAB] Co-founder Sushant Verma's Interview on 'Computational Design' is published in July 2015 Issue (Young Designers) of Architecture Update Magazine. Sushant talks about use of Computational Design in the Indian context and its integration in rat[LAB]'s approach on projects of varied scales & typologies

July 2015

'Computational Design Tour INDIA // Filling The Void' featured in July 2015 issue of 'Architecture Update' Magazine, INDIA. The article gives an insight to the intense 3-day studio/event held at Mumbai chapter of the tour.

June 2015

'Filling The Void' // Computational Design Tour INDIA featured on Bustler & Archinect. Filling the Void is a floating open studio new to India. The experimental studios will run across five cities in India: Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, and New Delhi. 

COVER STORY on Cellular Morphology Facade featured in Window & Facade Magazine, May-June 2015 Issue

June 2015

rat[LAB]'s project Cellular Morphology Facade Prototype featured as a cover story for Window & Facade Magazine, May-June 2015 Issue, Page 6.

May 2015

'Filling The Void' // Computational Design Tour INDIA featured on Rhino News / Blog. Filling the Void is a floating open studio new to India. The experimental studios will run across five cities in India: Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, and New Delhi. Each city is a 3-day event with distinct urban contexts. There will be technical tutorials, teaching sessions, and presentations which culminate in a round-table discussion with leading and emerging professionals that demonstrate computation, parametric design or alternative techniques.

April 2015

rat[LAB] co-founder Sushant Verma's interview on 'Digital Fabrication & Robotics in India' published in Realty Plus Magazine, 10th Anniversary Issue 2015.

Cellular Morphology Facade featured in online publications & articles

April 2015

Cellular Morphology Facade featured in a number of online portals, blogs, articles, etc.


Architect Magazine: Journal of AIA

Formakers EU

AA News

Tech Investor News


April 2015

Cellular Morphology Facade featured as one of the exemplary projects in the domain of 'Parametric Design' among projects by Zaha Hadid Architects, Gehry Partners, Herzog & de Meuron, Studio Fuksas and NOX.

03 April 2015

Article about 'Cellular Morphology Facade' and DesignXDesign Exhibition published in B2B Purchase Magazine, India. (March 2015 Edition)

01 April 2015

Sushant Verma was invited to give a talk / seminar at GCAD, Sonepat, INDIA, on Parametric Design Thinking.

March 2015

Article about 'Cellular Morphology Facade' and DesignXDesign Exhibition published in B2B Purchase Magazine, India. (March 2015 Edition)

March 2015

Article about 'Cellular Morphology Facade' and DesignXDesign Exhibition published in Architecture Update Magazine, India. (March 2015 Edition)

February 2015

Sushant Verma + rat[LAB] was shortlisted to be a part of 20 designers/practices from Delhi ( 5 from architecture / habitat category ) for DesignXDesign 2015 20under35 annual exhibition being held at Alliance Francaise de Delhi from 05th Feb 2015 to 25th February 2015.

18 February 2015

Sushant Verma was invited to give a lecture on 'Computational Thinking & Research in Architecture' to School of Planning & Architecture (SPA), New Delhi, INDIA.

13 February 2015

Sushant Verma was invited to give a talk / seminar at APIED, Vidhyanagar, Gujarat, INDIA; on Design Research, Computation & Technology as a part of 'Nouveau Genesis' Event at the University.

23 December 2014

rat[LAB] established its first permanent studio in New Delhi, India, led by Sushant Verma, connecting the international network of rat[LAB] to a single hub.

01 - 20 December 2014

DESIGN FANTASIES: Emerging Forms in Space was organized at CEPT University, INDIA as a part of CEPT Winter School 2014. Sushant Verma taught at the workshop as a computation specialist, led by Ar. Urvi Sheth.

November 2014

Computational Technology for Smart Building Façades, by Sushant Verma, published in 'Fensterbau Frontale India Tab - Amalgamating Science & Art in Building Facades', showcasing adaptive[systems] project by rat[LAB] - Research in Architecture & Technology.

24 September 2014

Sushant Verma & Pradeep Devadass were invited to give a lecture at Dwight School New York to demonstrate concepts of passive dynamic architecture.

21 September 2014

Sushant Verma & Pradeep Devadass gave a public talk & presentation titled"adaptive [skins] : Smart Materials and Dynamic Systems in Architecture" at MAKE LIVE STAGE at Hall of Science at MF2014.

20-21 September 2014

Project adaptive[tensegrity] was shortlisted & exhibited at Hal Of Science, New York as a part of Maker Faire NY 2014

04-07 September 2014

Sushant Verma & Pradeep Devadass exhibited their 6-month artist/architect residency work at MAK Center Mackey House in Los Angeles. The exhibition included rat[LAB]'s projects adaptive[tensegrity], YTD & D2F Intstallation, alongwith Sushant Verma's work of photography (Urban Grids) & Computational Art.

30 July 2014

Sushant Verma delivered an online lecture to students at Young Architects (YArch) Workshop at Paphos, Cyprus 2014, focussed on Design & Computation.

09 July 2014

Sushant Verma presented his work on deCODING Complexity and rat[LAB]'s work on Design & Computation at Shih Chien University, Taipei, as a part of Extra Fabrica 2014.

Extra Fabrica Workshop organized in Taipei, Taiwan 2014

28 June - 09 July 2014

Sushant Verma organized Extra Fabrica Workshop in Taiwan in collaboration with Dezact Group UK/Taiwan, focussed on computational design, digital fabrication and parametrics of exception.

May 2014

Sushant Verma was shortlisted as one of the finalists for AIA EMERGING LEADERS 2014 Fellowship, Chicago, USA.

May 2014

Pradeep Devadass presented a research paper on "Performative Tectonics”, in collaboration with Philip F. Yuan & Hao Meng (Archi-Union, Shanghai).

rat[LAB] at Maker Faire 2014 - Bay Area, CA, USA

17-18 May 2014

rat[LAB] project adaptive[skins]_V4.0 selected to be exhibited at Maker Faire 2014 in Bay Area, California, USA in May 2014. The project is led by Sushant Verma & Pradeep Devadass.

rat[LAB] Italy lecture series: MEDIA COVERAGE

December 2013

Sushant Verma presents rat[LAB]'s research work on design and computation across Italy (University of Brescia, University of Pavia & Politectic Milan) and conducts a workshop in computational design in University of Brescia.


Official description from organizers (Translated from Italian to English using Google Translator):


The prospects and current architecture through the comparison with three emerging voices in the international debate .

The Department DICATAM , Master of Science in Civil Engineering - Architecture of the University of Brescia hosts , in the day of Wednesday, November 27 , to Wednesday, December 4th and Wednesday, December 11 , Estudio SIC (Madrid , Spain ) arch. ing. Vanossi Andrea (Milan , Italy ) and Sushant Verma ( London , UK) , the young protagonists of European architecture .

The conferences are an opportunity to investigate, from a theoretical point of view and application , some of the issues of greatest importance in contemporary design practice such as parametric architectural design and development of buildings with low environmental impact.

The initiative is part of the REA project "Network of Excellence for the Internationalization of education in the field of Architecture" , funded by the Foundation Cariplo and see, next to the University of Brescia (project manager: Marina Montuori ) the participation of the University of Pavia and Politecnico di Milano - Territorial Headquarters of Piacenza .

14 October 2013

rat[LAB] researcher Sushant Verma's research paper for RoboFold with Gregory Epps - featured on ACADIA website.

15 May 2013

Architects Sushant Verma and Pradeep Devadass from rat[LAB] have won The MAK Schindler Artists and Architects​-in-Reside​nce Scholarship Program for April 2014 in architecture category.

The international MAK -Schindler Scholarship Program, awarded since 1995 in the framework of the Ministry of Culture and MAK study in Los Angeles, is one of the most sought after and successful scholarship programs in Austria. For the 18 Edition there were 264 entries from 37 countries. On Monday, an international jury chose four projects from the fields of architecture and fine arts as well as two replacement projects. The fellows get the academic year 2013/2014 the opportunity to spend six months at the Mackey Apartments, one of the sites of the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles, and to realize their submitted works.

MAK Schindler Residency Program Award: MEDIA COVERAGE

15 May 2013

eCAADe Future Traditions 2013 Portugal

04-05 April 2013

Research paper titled: adaptive[skins]- Responsive building skin systems based on tensegrity principles selected to present in 1st eCAADe Regional Conference - Future Traditions (Rethinking Traditions & Envisioning the Future in Architecture Through the Use of Digital Technologies) in Portugal on 4th-5th April 2013.

EG-ICE 2013 Vienna

01-03 July 2013

Research paper titled:  adaptive[skins]- Use of Genetic Algorithms for Actuation System Optimization selected to present in 20th International Workshop - EG-ICE 2013 (European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering) in Vienna, Austria on 1st-3rd July 2013.

ASCAAD 2013 Jeddah

16-18 December 2013

Research paper titled:  adaptive[skins]- Adaptation through smart systems  selected to present in 7th International Conference -ASCAAD 2013 (The Arab Society for Computer Aided Architectural Design) in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 16th-18th December 2013.


eVolo publishes adaptive[skins]

23 August 2013

adaptive[skins] project featured on eVolo.

e-architect publishes adaptive[skins]

17 July 2013

adaptive[skins] project featured on e-architect.

Juror for next7 competition

15 Sept 2013

Sushant Verma is one of the jurors for an international design competition - next7 (2013-14) organized by Arch2O. The jury takes place in Feb 2014.

Embodied Forces: Co-de-it & Arch2O

1-8 Sept 2013

Sushant Verma is one of the tutors for Embodied Forces: Grasshopper to Fabrication workshop organized in Alexandria, Egypt, in collaboration with Co-de-it and Arch2O. (The workshop was due to take place in Sept 2013 but had to be called off owing to the security concerns in Egypt)

Hyperseeing SMI: Research poster with RoboFOLD


 Sushant Verma and Gregory Epps (Founder, RoboFOLD) collaborate for an academic paper for Shape Modeling International 2013 (Bournemouth, UK - July 10-13, 2013). The paper titled 'Curved Folding: Design to Fabrication process of RoboFOLD' was shortlisted for publication in the conference proceedings.

Thesis Tutor - University of Brescia


Sushant Verma joins Univeristy of Brescia as an external Thesis Tutor for session 2013-14.


RIBA Vauxhall Exhibition

12 March 2013

rat[LAB]'s entry for RIBA Competition - Vauxhall London - The Missing Links exhibited in Vauxhall Arches & Garden Museum Lambeth in London (UK) from 8th to 19th April 2013.

Published in AA Conversations

28 March 2013

adaptive[skins] project published in AA Conversations.

Featured in AArchitecture Journal News#19

Spring 2013

Sushant Verma and Pradeep Devadass published in News section of Aarchitecture#19 (STUFF) for their presentation / publication at eCAADe 2013.

Featured in AArchitecture Journal News#18

Fall 2012

Sushant Verma published in News section of AArchitecture#18(ARCHITECTURE AS RESEARCH) for his publication selection for book Changing Principles & Praxis in Urban Research.

Featured in AArchitecture Journal News#17

Spring 2012

Sushant Verma published in News section of AArchitecture#17 (CURATING ARCHITECTURE) for his presentation at 9th AHRA Conference at Aberdeen, Scotland in May 2013.

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