We are a team of architects, urbanists, computational designers, fabrication specialists, engineers and designers from different parts of the world, agglomerating to form this multi-national consultancy. rat[LAB] was started by Sushant Verma & Pradeep Devadass during the Summer of 2012 in London, and is now spread in UK, Europe, USA & Asia with a head studio in New Delhi, India. Our team is continuously expanding and joined by collaborators for our in-house research and database development, from various parts of the world.


Our studio structure and team associations have been evolving and updated list of associates & team members will be updated shortly.



Research Assistants

Previous Collaborators

Rui Lima // Portugal

Nithya Suri // India

Ankur Podder // India

Akshay Goyal // UK

Sharon Liu // China

Vipul Arora // India