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4 Parametric Design Workshops  + 2 Studio Reviews​  + 8 Interim Reviews (Skype Sessions ) 1 End of the Year - Showcase/ Exhibition


M.Arch. Em.Tech. – AA London, B.Arch. SSAA New Delhi, MCoA India

Sushant Verma(M.Arch. Em.Tech. – AA London, B.Arch. SSAA New Delhi, MCoA India) is an architect & computational designer, currently leading research organization rat[LAB] - Research in Architecture & Technology. Former architect at Zaha Hadid Architects, London & a Sr. Editor at Arch2O, he has held teaching positions at a number of universities internationally & is involved in education for computation & parametric design. He is the founder of rat[LAB] EDUCATION, which is an independent initiative to spread the idea of computation in design profession & education in India. Recipient of MAK Schindler Award from Vienna / Los Angeles and a finalist for AIA Emerging Leaders Fellowship from Chicago, his work is widely published and exhibited in London, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, San Francisco, Taipei, New Delhi,Mumbai among other places.He has been shortlisted in New Delhi among 5 architects for ’20 under 35’ Exhibition at Alliance Francaise de Delhi, featured as iGen 2017 Top 50 Gen-Next Designers in India, tagged as ‘Rising Star’ by Surfaces Reporter India, among other features. Sushant joined the elite list of TEDx Speakers by speaking at TEDxGurugram on ‘Smart Cities need Smarter Design Education’.

Reeveezee M Antony is currently the Academic Innovator of RVS Padmavathy School Of Architecture (RVSPSOA), Chennai and Coimbatore and CEO of RVS School of Change. His experience as an academician in the field of architecture especially with RVS Padmavathy School of Architecture includes innovating the architecture curriculum to inculcate creativity and innovation in learning, conducting experiential workshops with faculty and students to improve exposure and outreach. At RVSPSOA, he manages the entire 5-year architecture course striving for holistic learning and development for faculty and students with a commitment to transform architecture education by taking it beyond the classroom and making it service-learning oriented and action-based towards creating a sustainable impact on society and the environment.




With culmination of First Batch of Smart Labs 1.0 with an Exhibition Showcase in Chennai (4th-6th Aug 2018), admissions to Smart Labs 2.0 are now OPEN to students of architecture / design from India. The admission process is through a selection criteria based on a 'Statement of Purpose / Interest' and a 10-page (maximum) Portfolio submission

PLEASE NOTE: The Portfolio may NOT necessarily have works related to Computational/Parametric  Design but an interest in the same is an added advantage to your application. The following are the criteria for selection of SECOND BATCH - Smart Labs 2.0, starting Oct/Nov 2018 and will run for 6-8 months:

1- Interest / Enthusiasm to learn Computational Design
2- Current Software Skill-set
3- Previous Academic Work Standard
4- Availability to attend sessions in Chennai & New Delhi

Key points about Smart Labs 2.0:
- The programme will run on a semester-basis for 6-8 months, starting Oct/Nov 2018, through till the summer of 2019.
- There will be 6 studio sessions (workshops & reviews), 5-8 online sessions (Skype / GoToMeeting) culminating in an Exhibition Showcase in Chennai.
- 4 sessions will take place in Chennai and 2 sessions in New Delhi. Each session will be for 2-3 day.
- Session frequency will be almost 1 per month and will mostly be scheduled around weekends.
- Students can be a part of any other programme alongside, or even be working alongside the programme.
- Graduation Certifications will be given at the end of Programme to each student.

- There are 2 components to the fee structure and the fee is to be paid in two parts. (Part A1 + A2 +B1 +B2)
- Part A1: rat[LAB]EDU Fee for first 3 workshops/ sessions :: INR 26,138/- (Inclusive of 18% GST)
- Part A2: RVS Padmavathy School of Architecture Fee for first 3 sessions :: INR 5,100/-
- Part B1: rat[LAB]EDU Fee for next 3 workshops/ sessions :: INR 26,138/- (Inclusive of 18% GST)
- Part B2: RVS Padmavathy School of Architecture Fee for next 3 sessions :: INR 5,100/-

Fee A1+A2 to be paid once shortlisted for the programme. 
Fee B1 +B2 to be paid in Jan 2019.

Total course fee (inclusive of taxes) = INR 62,476/-

**Travel and Accommodation is to be borne by individuals. We will assist in finding affordable accommodation in Chennai & Delhi whenever required.

FOR ANY QUERIES, kindly e-mail with 'SMART LABS 2.0 ADMISSION' as Subject Line.