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rat[LAB]EDUCATION (Academic subset of studio) is currently HIRING and INVITING INDUSTRY / EXPERT COLLABORATIONS. The following opportunities are available for immediate on-boarding:

E1- Academic Manager / Programme Developer – Previous experience required

The organization has a strong expertise in creating innovative education models and is currently involved in multiple academic collaborations in India and globally. The role is for an individual who has been involved in academia and/or has a proven record for academic innovation. The role would require the candidate to work on new programmes, curriculum, documentation, profiling, communications, marketing strategies as per development requirements. Experience in Computational Design or Design Technology would be an add-on. This is a very exciting and novel opportunity looking at the current shift of educational methods and the number of global collaborations of the studio.

E2- Academic Researcher / Writer / Communications (Design Intern)

The candidate is required to possess writing skill-set with a proven record (academically or professionally) and should be able to research and write in the area of education, design, technology, computational design, parametric design through blogs, articles, interviews and other copywriting works, related to Education. An exciting role for someone interesting to learn in this domain.


E3- Teaching Assistants / Teaching Interns

Facilitating in teaching (offline & online) in subject of Design Technology – Computational Design, parametric design, complex modelling, or any other niche skill-set. Previous teaching experience (workshops, lectures) will be an add-on.


E4- Workshop Collaborations (Advanced)

rat[LAB]EDUCATION is inviting industry experts, fellow educators, workshop curators to share proposals for collaborative workshops in any of the advanced aspects of Computational Design. Some of the areas of explorations can be Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Sustainability / Environmental Design, Complex Modelling & Optimization. A mutually beneficial model would be integrated for all collaborations to ensure a long-term association. Please submit an outline of the proposal with basic details for consideration of 1,2 or 3-day workshops (offline or online) or a longer duration programme.


E5- Documentation Experts for writing course books

Due to several ongoing programmes, we are working on course books and tutorials for various design technologies that we teach. The expansion of this area of documentation seeks experts who can collaborate for writing course books for various programmes, for internal circulation and official publishing for a global audience.



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rat[LAB] Studio / rat[LAB]EDUCATION Recruitment 2020

New times call for reinventing the way we work and operate. With the ongoing pandemic and disruptions caused, we are hopeful of a new future and are taking appropriate measures to adapt to new ways of working and welcome a new set of individuals who can be change-makers and inventors in these testing times. We have changed our 3-stage hiring process (which we have been following successfully for many years), and temporarily shifting to new methods of e-interviews and work-from-home roles to seek the best fit for our organization.

Please read detailed roles carefully before applying. Send the applications in mentioned format. Applications not adhering to defined guidelines would not be reviewed due to the filtering systems followed.

rat[LAB] Studio is currently HIRING for the following roles:

A1- Computational Designer – Min. 1 year experience

Key roles & responsibilities: Working on Computational / Parametric aspect of multi-scalar projects such as Façade, Roof Structures, Complex geometries; should be able to articulate ideas and create parametric models in Grasshopper3D. Must have a strong knowledge of Grasshopper3D, Rhino3D and any other computational tools.

A2- Architectural / Design Intern

Key roles & responsibilities: Facilitating project works including design, detailing, documentation, project co-ordinations. Inclination towards Computational Design would be preferred but not obligatory. Minimum of 6 months internship. Preference given to 9-12 month internships.

A3- Design Communications - Min 6 months experience in communications / journalism

Key roles & responsibilities: Writing blogs, press releases, research & copywriting, book editing, formatting, social media handling, newsletters, communications strategy, data management.

A4- Visual Designer with Video Editing Skills

Key roles & responsibilities: Editing of project videos, interviews, tutorials, video shoots & design of visual media as per requirements.

A5- 3D Visualizer

An intermediate / expert 3D visualizer who can handle complex geometries / meshes and visualize in various settings (exterior & interiors) and has good photo-editing capabilities to provide a good visual support to the team.


IMPORTANT: Application Guidelines

  • Please use subject line: Vacancy 2020 – Position Code (For example, Vacancy 2020 – A2, if applying for internship; or Vacancy 2020 – E4, if sending a proposal for workshop collaboration) . We will run an inbox filter to review applications and applications without this subject line, or with Fwd:…. would not be reviewed.

  • Please write a ‘genuine’ cover letter explaining why you fit for the applied role.

  • You may apply for multiple roles and may be chosen as per best-fit criteria.

  • Please do not forward an existing cover letter, or cc / bcc as those e-mails would be deleted without reviewing.

  • Applications to rat[LAB]Studio to be sent to and applications to rat[LAB]EDUCATION to be sent to

  • Follow up calls are not advisable. You may send a follow up e-mail in not less than 7 working days.

  • Starting date would be the earliest suitable date.


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