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 WHAT are our goals and key focus agendas?


Our key goal is to narrow down the gap between architecture and technology, with respect to design process, methodology and workflow, for projects ranging across scales & disciplines.


Our key agendas are:



-Design-to-Fabrication Workflow

-Geometry Optimization

-Material Intelligence


 Research Methodology


Today’s design is fairly complex which requires interdisciplinary exchange between discrete fields of design, engineering and computation to work simultaneously through a seamless process. Thus we have developed a methodology, a step by step process that allows for multiple disciplines to integrate at various stages of a project, aiding in efficient and productive workflow, with a scope of additive growth to the knowledge database of the research cell and the project. Owing to continuous technological advancements and cloud networking systems for complex data sharing and management, rat[LAB] team is able to work smoothly by concentrating the brightest minds and specialists from different parts of the world, together in a virtual data space, exploiting the differences in time zones around the world. The current methodology has been tested for various research projects and still continues to improve with new projects with changing requirements and deadlines.

 Research Platforms

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