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Tokyo Shopping Centre

Type: Design Proposal

Categories: Architecture, Material System, Computation

Location: Tokyo

Architects: NonScale.Co, rat[LAB]

Computational Design: Sushant Verma

Structural Analysis: Marco Danesi, Alessandra Peroni

Visualizations: NonScale Co. & rat[LAB] Research in Architecture and Technology



Project Description

Research in Architecture & Technology, New Delhi and, Tokyo unveiled their collaborative project of a proposed shopping centre for Japan & India at the SC Fair 2016 held at Yokohama, south of Tokyo, in Japan.


The project features a large span adaptive roof structure that inherits hybrid qualities of a tensile and a grid shell, with automated shading devices inbuilt in the structure.


The project explores Computational Techniques to develop Form, Structure & an Adaptive Skin /Envelope for the Architectural Built. Advanced Computational Techniques & Methodologies have been used to design a complex roof structure that can adapt to dynamic environmental conditions. 


The project is designed to become a new platform like an open park where people can picnic, run, cycle and run at the same time. The shopping centre will be a combination of temporary and flexible spaces along with permanent anchor tenants.


The shopping centre is proposed to incorporate socio-cultural activities such as live entertainment. It will also provide updates to users every time they visit.  Most pop-up stores in the shopping centre would be promotional stores set up by internet based companies so the customers can experience an “online / offline” shopping experience.


This main functional part will be sheltered by a large span skin which incorporates origami shading modules with a transparent material for a visual connection. It will be a shopping centre ventilated like any outdoor space with controlled temperature and better comfort levels.



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