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Project Title: SKY MAZE- Pavilion

Type: Competition

Categories: Architecture, Material System, Digital Fabrication

Location: Museum Gardens, London

Credits: Pradeep Devadass, Sushant Verma, Ankur Podder, Vipul Arora



Sky Pavilion for 2015 is designed as a temporary maze amid the lush green Museum Gardens in London, that creates an experience where users can engage with an open space in an unprecedented way filled with ambiguity & surprise.

The pavilion is conceived as a royal treasure chest, with glimmering gems and the sky enclosed in it. Polished reflective surfaces are used for its capacity to reveal hidden treasures of daily life by bouncing infinite number of reflections of both interior & exterior. An island of reflective central core creates a dramatic image of the sky inside the pavilion and varying angles of the pavilion walls are designed to enclose the views inside.

The walls shine bright, reflecting the light coming out of the pavilion, creating a spectacle that encourages further exploration. 

As users make their way towards the pavilion, the view of the sky reflecting inside the pavilion unfolds. The simple maze-like pavilion creates a sense of dis-orientation as people move inside, adding an element of surprise & ambiguity in the experience.


The structure depicts duality in its existence, solid and massive in form but once it starts interacting with the sky, its lightweight and dynamic side emerges out. Encoded narrative in the space organization, actively involves the users in the decoding process, bringing meaning to their journey through the space.

The dynamic perception of space, through movement with ever changing points of view and varying vignettes is the most fundamental facet of this spatial composition.


Blurring the line between the interior and the outside environment, this feature disorients the viewer from his usual sense of space and gives them an opportunity to reflect, contemplate and appreciate the vast, rich sky.

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