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Global Visiting School ONLINE 2020 by ra

Cluster [01]

XR for Design (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality)

Tutor: Praneet Mathur

(ARPM Design and Research)

Date:25th July 2020 (Saturday)

Time: 12 PM - 6 PM IST // 6:30 AM - 12:30 PM GMT

Duration: 1 DAY//6 Hours (incl. 2 X 30 min breaks)

Type: Demonstration Workshop (Interactive Tutorial)

Registration Fee: INR 3750 // $50

Max. Spots: 40

[ Check ticketing platform(Explara) to see available ticket quantity ]

[  ] Workshop Title

XR for Design (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality)

[  ] Key Software / Tech to be taught

XR Technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality)

[  ] Workshop Description

A Comprehensive Introduction to XR Technologies and their application in Architecture & Design. XR (eXtended Reality) is an umbrella term used to describe all real+virtual experiences and interactive technologies such as AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality). Tutor would share theoretical background about the subject and move to live demonstration of the technologies with an aim to impart the skills remotely through an interactive setup. Multiple tools such as Augment, Artivive, Unity3D, Vuforia, Unreal Engine, Project Shark, Fologram, GMetri, etc would be showcased in an informal session. Workshop participants would gain a comprehensive exposure to XR Technologies and there would be a practice assignment for creating your own augmented reality (AR) tool-kit using your own design.

[  ] Keywords 

#AugmentedReality #VirtualReality #MixedReality #AR #VR #MR #XR

[  ] Workshop Duration & Type

Duration: 1 DAY//6 Hours (incl. 2 X 30 min breaks)

Type: Demonstration Workshop (Interactive Tutorial)


[  ] Tutor Details

Praneet Mathur, an Architect by training, works in the intersection of Technology and Design. He is the founder of ARPM Design and Research. A self-taught programmer and software developer, he has worked with tech companies like GMetri and ShapeDiver. He has authored Project Shark - a Real-time Augmented Reality tool for Grasshopper, among other software tools for designers.


[  ] Max Participants allowed



[  ] List of FAQ

Q1: What will be taught during this workshop?

A1: This workshop will cover the theory, concepts and technology behind XR Experiences. You may think of it as similar to a workshop on BIM Technology; multiple software packages may be introduced, but not taught in detail.

Q2: Who is this workshop for?

A2: Design and Architecture Students or Professionals, who are interested in learning about XR Technologies and how to apply them.

Q3: What all software do I require to attend the workshop?

A3: All software / tool-kit would be provided before the start of workshop to ensure a maximised learning experience.

Q4: Do attendees need a VR Headset or any other special Hardware for this workshop?
A4: No. This workshop will cover the concepts and applications of XR technologies. There are no hardware or software prerequisites.


[  ] Recording Provided?

Yes. Full recording would be provided for future reference.

  • Recorded version is made available after the workshop, on Cluster Tutor(s)'s discretion. (Free for participants; ticketed for non-participants)

  • Check Explara Ticketing platform for availability.

  • Recording is for personal academic use only & comes with copyrights to control re-distribution & transmission (to be signed by buyer).

  • Participation certificate NOT provided to buyers of recorded version.

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