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Project Title: You're The Designer

Type: Research

Categories: Product Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Mobile Application

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Created by Pradeep Devadass, Sushant Verma, Mahendra Naik, Sobitha Ravichandran, Karthik Narayan

Special Thanks to Mariusz Polski, Ankur Podder


Project Description


You’re The Designer! is a platform that offers the power of parametric design to the common man through a mobile and web based app. The platform allows the users to control & customize various products and design it for their use. The idea is to simplify the complex computational framework behind parametric design and embed it in a simple, easy-to-use app that can be downloaded from a generic app store for android or similar platforms. This also creates a platform for designers from various disciplines such as product design, fashion design, interior design, architecture, among others to create their designs optimized for this platform, which can be uploaded and made available to users who can customize the designs in their own ways as per their requirements and budget constraints. YTD has a simple interface where parameters are controlled by sliders (optimized for touch-screen function of a smartphone) that can manipulate the design in a multitude of ways, and variation in parameters can lead to a large number of permutations of the design output



Now available on android platform

Download APP from Google play

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