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Cluster [03]
Generative X: Learning Python in GH with Generative Design
Tutor: Mahdi Fard [ Iran ]
(Computational Designer with Machine Learning expertise)
Date:4th & 5th September 2021 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 11:30 AM - 7:30 PM GMT //
5:00 PM - 1:00 AM IST
Duration: 2 DAYS // 7 Hours on both days (incl. of breaks)
Type: Interactive Tutorial Workshop
Registration Fee: INR 7500 // $100
Max. Spots: 15

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[  ] Workshop Title

Generative X: Learning Python in GH with Generative Design

[  ] Key Software / Tech to be taught

Python (Basic to Functional Programming), Python Packages, Grasshopper3D, GHPython Remote, Anaconda 3, Add-on Developing

[  ] Workshop Description

While we are heading to have every element intelligent conflated by data and cutting edge technologies, there is a huge consideration on how to deal with this evolving through Design, Engineering and Construction, like any other expertise. For at least a decade now, moving along with integration has been expedited and we could declare its overshadowing role playing since technology has been evolved by Artificial Intelligence. It could let us dive in deeper layers of cognition in algorithmic thinking by having functional paradigms of every process gets/sets impact from/to our design. Functional paradigms are dedicated to any parametric connectivity from major factors have impacts on the qualification of the design. There is always a “but” in any process delivery and here it is. The prime quandary many people struggle with to face BUZZ words would confine the flourishing of creativity, however, we need to develop our skills in order to move by the celerity of the recent progressions concomitantly. The answer cannot be stated expansively, thus we need to imbibe and disseminate the knowledge in practice back and forth to get to the pinnacle of having the cumulated empiricism divergently burgeoned. This is what the Generative X is looking for to afford the participants who are into computational design about how to use Python in Generative Design processes amplified by data manipulation.


Learning Python should be occurred within acquainted processes for designers. There are many extraordinary courses about learning how to code from the very first infancy to get being like a Hulk. Yet, what is desideratum for designers in learning how to code would be catching it within a high level of attentiveness with a cutting edge technology in their own field rather than enrolling in courses being taught by other discipline tutors. Accordingly, it could guarantee their achievement of learning more construal. Therefore, Generative X is came up to be retractable and more of an excel experience for participants. The whole process will be commenced by Basic Python heading to how to use RhinoScriptSyntax, RhinoCommon and will be followed by using Anaconda to data manipulation with Python Packages. This is to define an algorithm to read an image pixel by RGB codes and track them with Alpha mode toward the setting of a surface subdivision. The later steps are dedicated to having these data as a mesh points controllable by number sliders for the user to change the meshing parameters and have the process toward a 3d structure on free form surfaces as structural elements. The final part would settle the discussion for participants meticulously by leaning them through functional programming by implementing Classes and Definitions in Python. This is the last part which defines an open source add-on named GeneOp 0.85 developed by the tutor. GeneOp uses GHPython only to provide an open access Genetic Algorithm optimization process within the GH itself.

[  ] Keywords 

#Coding #Python #Functional_Paradigms #GenerativeDesign #GeneticAlgorithm #Optimization #FreeForm_Structures #Computational_Design

[  ] Workshop Duration & Type

Duration: 2 DAYS // 7 Hours on both days (incl. of breaks)

Type: Interactive Tutorial Workshop


[  ] Detailed Schedule

11:30 AM - 7:30 PM GMT


Day 1:

Session 01: Introduction to Workshop, Tutor's Presentations, Induction to Generative Design

Session 02: Introduction to Python Coding, Grasshopper Interface with Python


Day 2:

Session 03: Hands on exercises with Python & Conda, Scripting Methods

Session 04: Collaborative Project with Python for GH, Add-on tool-sets, Gene Op Optimization

[  ] Tutor Details

Mahdi Fard is an integrated computational designer based out of Iran. He has been working actively to push his research using functional paradigms beyond parametric studies in multidisciplinary research projects. His M.Sc. Thesis was based on fulfilling what architects can learn from traditional masters and how functional paradigms like #strength_through_geometry could be implemented consecutively by technology through a more comprehensive level of design process towards greater performative outcomes. Mahdi has founded in 2015 and he is working on teaching young researchers about basic steps of coding through Machine Learning algorithms. He developed Caddisfly 01.01 as an exclusive add-on for free-from structure detail design in Grasshopper3D. His works are dedicated to integration from software to hardware using analysis-based data manipulation in AEC. He has a deep passion about computational design, ML and AI and an avid contributor to research & teaching in coding related subjects.


[  ] Max Participants allowed


[  ] List of FAQ / Workshop Requisites

Q1: Do I have any required skill?,

A1: High Proficiency in Grasshopper3D, Knowledge of Data Structure is profitable, No need to know Python at all!


Q2: What are software requirement for this workshop?,

A2: Rhinoceros 6/7, Python 2.7+, Anaconda 3. There is no need to download them except you should have Rhinoceros 6/7 installed on your PC/Laptop.


Q3: May I learn how to code in python really fundamentally or intermediate technically?,

A3: You will learn Python in every aspect of how it can expedite your journey from the very beginning to upper intermediate, however, Python has a lot to get covered just by one workshop but, this would be a define a big break to you getting along with your skills developed in this area. All aside, the projects in this workshop have been chosen to provide you a highly comprehensive empiricism through learning by generative design, data manipulation and optimization processes.


Q4: Does this workshop contrive my future using in academia or it is just good for professional growth?,

A4: The 2 projects you are going to experience in this workshop are defined to gain your attention consecutively from academic and professional sight, therefore, whatever you might need in both aspects.

Software download links, Zoom meeting links & other relevant workshop instructions would be sent 2 days prior to start of workshop via e-mail to your registered e-mail ID.


[  ] Recording Provided?

YES. 6-months access would be provided to all workshop participants for practice.

  • Recorded version is made available after the workshop, as per Cluster Tutor(s)'s discretion. (Free for participants; ticketed for non-participants)

  • Check Explara Ticketing platform for availability. [Purchase activates after end of workshop only]

  • Recording is for personal academic use only & comes with copyrights to control re-distribution & transmission (to be signed by buyer).

  • Participation certificate would be issued to workshop participants. Certificates would NOT be provided to buyers of recorded version.

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