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Cluster [02]
Parametric Modelling for Architectural Design using Cinema4D
Tutor: Ayoub Ahmad [ UAE ]
(Dubai-based Architect & Computational Designer)
Date:14th & 15th August 2021 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 12 PM - 4 PM GMT //
5:30 PM - 9:30 PM IST

Duration: 2 DAYS // 4 Hours on both days
Type: Interactive Tutorial Workshop
Registration Fee: INR 4500 // $60
Max. Spots: 20

Parametric Modulations C4D
GVS 2021 C4D

[  ] Workshop Title

Parametric Modelling for Architectural Design using Cinema4D

[  ] Key Software / Tech to be taught

Maxon Cinema4D + Corona Renderer

[  ] Workshop Description

This workshop focuses on using Cinema4d for Architectural Design within a procedural workflow using C4D powerful parametric modeling tools The workshop will introduce participants to polygonal mesh and hard surface modeling techniques, Remeshing and morphing techniques to create parametric and responsive facades controlled by fields. Using 'mograph' tools and drive them by effectors and fields in combination with 'volume builder' and 'volume mesher' to create organic shapes. Deeper dive into volume builder using noise shaders, formula fields, and particles simulation with force fields to create complex objects. The workshop will also provide a basic introduction to Architectural presentation with 'Corona Renderer' focusing on lighting techniques, camera positioning, and simple materials.

[  ] Keywords 

#Parametric #procedural #Computational #Architectural #Design #Cinema4D #CoronaRenderer #archviz

[  ] Workshop Duration & Type

Duration: 2 DAYS // 4 Hours on both days

Type: Interactive Tutorial Workshop


[  ] Detailed Schedule

12 pm to 4 pm GMT each day


Day 1:

Introduction to Cinema4d Interface

Exercise 1: -

Hard surface modeling, remeshing, and morphing techniques

Responsive skin driven by fields

A quick intro to Corona Renderer

Render no.1


Exercise 2: -

primitive and spline modeling

working with "voronoi fracture" in a controlled way by modifying the source objects, in combination with volume builder to create organic ​structures

Render no.2


Day 2:

Exercise 3: -parametric brick facades with ​mograph "cloner" driven by effectors and fields

Exercise 4: -working inside volume builder with noise shaders

-structural elements with Atom Array

Exercise 5: -working inside volume builder with Formula Field ​to create complex shapes and animations with mathematical equations. Exercise 6: ​-quick overview of particles simulation with force field

[  ] Tutor Details

Ayoub Ahmad is a Dubai based Architect & Computational designer interested in complex geometries, generative design, and exploring the ability to connect various design workflows with computational strategies, and parametric modeling in order to facilitate design projects complexities. An expert in using Cinema4D tool-kits to create parametric models of a variety of geometries, Ayoub finds his interest in intersections of architecture & art to create artistic renditions through architectural spatial objects. As a 3D Designer, he loves to create visual art through architectural mediums by simplifying workflows in Cinema4D, among other tools.


[  ] Max Participants allowed


[  ] List of FAQ / Workshop Requisites

Q1: previous skill requirements?

A1:Basic understanding of 3D modeling


Q2: What software need to be installed before attending this workshop?

A2: Cinema4D R23 or above comes with 14 days trial:

Corona Renderer for C4D comes with 45-day unlimited demo mode

Software download links, Zoom meeting links & other relevant workshop instructions would be sent 2 days prior to start of workshop via e-mail to your registered e-mail ID.


[  ] Recording Provided?

YES. 6-months access would be provided to all workshop participants for practice.

  • Recorded version is made available after the workshop, as per Cluster Tutor(s)'s discretion. (Free for participants; ticketed for non-participants)

  • Check Explara Ticketing platform for availability. [Purchase activates after end of workshop only]

  • Recording is for personal academic use only & comes with copyrights to control re-distribution & transmission (to be signed by buyer).

  • Participation certificate would be issued to workshop participants. Certificates would NOT be provided to buyers of recorded version.

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