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Cluster [01]
BIOLAB (Rhino SubD, Grasshopper3D (+Plugins) & ZBrush)
Tutor: Natalie Alima [ AUSTRALIA ]
(Tectonic Formation Lab, RMIT, Australia)
Date:1st August 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 6:00 AM - 2:00 PM GMT //
11:30 AM - 7:30 PM IST

Duration: 1 DAY//8 Hours (incl. of breaks)
Type: Interactive Tutorial Workshop
Registration Fee: INR 4500 // $60
Max. Spots: 35


[  ] Workshop Title

BIOLAB (Rhino SubD, Grasshopper3D (+Plugins) & ZBrush)

[  ] Key Software / Tech to be taught

Rhino: SUBD modelling | Grasshopper3D: Puffer Fish , Weaver Bird and Lady bug | Zbrush: painting, masking and brushing

[  ] Workshop Description

BIOLAB involves an intensive focus adaptive sustainable building facades. Historically, there has been a long linage of architects working with nature and incorporating it within the design and construction processes. However, by simply enclosing nature within pre-determined forms, mimicking its geometry and garnishing it onto existing buildings, a crucial material driven design process is ignored. As a result, a symbiotic relationship between nature and Architect is missing. BIOLAB explores processes that hybridize biological agency and design aesthetics in the creation of form and adaptive living systems. In this workshop, students will explore a series of biological materials (such as Mycelium, Algae and Kombucha) that may be applied to living architectural habitats. Through a series of form finding techniques conducted in grasshopper and Zbrush, participants will explore the orchestration of biological growth through form. BIOLAB therefore explores explore a series of design tectonics that emerge when enabling material dictate shape. This workshop will therefore focus on creating a series of parametrically complex and heterogeneous skins that adapt to the external environments and reinvent the way that sustainability is utilized within architecture.

[  ] Keywords 

#BioDesign #ComputationalDesign #Mycelium #Sustainability #ArchitecturalSkins #BioLab

[  ] Workshop Duration & Type

Duration: 1 DAY//8 Hours (incl. of breaks)

Type: Interactive Tutorial Workshop


[  ] Detailed Schedule

6:00 am GMT

Lecture: Introduction to tutor research

Lecture: Introduction to Workshop

Lecture: Biology + Architecture


7:00 am GMT

Rhino Sub D modelling

Grasshopper : weaver bird

8:00 am GMT

Grasshopper : Pufferfish

9:00 am GMT

Grasshopper : Pufferfish + Lady Bug

Selecting a site.

10:00 am GMT

ZBrush : Introduction

11:00 am GMT

ZBrush: Brushing + Masking

12:00 pm GMT

ZBrush: Brushing + Masking + exporting to rhino

Importing into site.

13:00 pm GMT

Closing lecture.

[  ] Tutor Details

Natalie Alima is an Australian Architect, Researcher & Educator with a Masters degree from Institute of Advanced Architecture Catalonia (IAAC), Barcelona. Natalie Alima's PhD research focuses on real-time robotic feedback systems developed between industrial robots, biological materials and computational design. By establishing a direct dialogue between the digital and physical realms, data is extracted from the organism in order to generate algorithmic computational behaviours. This material centric design approach aims to create a new set of highly volatile and strange geometries which are fabricated in real time. Through a series of material driven design processes, Natalie's research explores Mycelium's growth agency and its ability to generate form. Natalie currently teaches at both RMIT and Monash University as is part of the Tectonic Formation Lab at RMIT.


[  ] Max Participants allowed


[  ] List of FAQ / Workshop Requisites

Basics of Rhino and Grasshopper necessary.

Software requirements: Rhino 7 Grasshopper Grasshopper plugin: Pufferfish , Lady bug and Weaver bird

Z brush free trial:

Software download links, Zoom meeting links & other relevant workshop instructions would be sent 2 days prior to start of workshop via e-mail to your registered e-mail ID.


[  ] Recording Provided?

YES. 6-months access would be provided to all workshop participants for practice.

  • Recorded version is made available after the workshop, as per Cluster Tutor(s)'s discretion. (Free for participants; ticketed for non-participants)

  • Check Explara Ticketing platform for availability. [Purchase activates after end of workshop only]

  • Recording is for personal academic use only & comes with copyrights to control re-distribution & transmission (to be signed by buyer).

  • Participation certificate would be issued to workshop participants. Certificates would NOT be provided to buyers of recorded version.

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