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Project Title: adaptive[skins]

Type: Research

Categories: Architecture, Material System, Computation

Location: London, UK

Credits: Sushant Verma, Pradeep Devadass


Project Description

The project investigates and develops responsive building skin systems that adapt to dynamic environmental fluctuations to regulate the internal conditions in a habitable space over time and exhibit a state of motion and dynamism. Heat and light are the primary parameters for the regulation of internal conditions, leading to optimal conditioning, energy efficiency and dynamic spatial effects, for the interior as well as the exterior. Passive and active dynamic skins that employ material intelligence and pneumatic actuators are developed through investigations of smart systems that integrate smart materials and smart geometries. Owing to the complexity of the multi-parametric system, genetic algorithms are developed for system optimization, and calibrated with physical prototypes at varied scales. The developed systems are tested against two distinct climatic models—New Delhi and Barcelona—and evaluated for performance. The precedents in this line of research for responsive and adaptive architecture have dealt with single parameters and hence a more complex issue is being dealt with, using heat and light as parameters. The use of genetic algorithms makes the problem solving faster and accurate. New tool-sets are developed in the process by combining various digital tools, to create a feedback and memory loop system


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