Project Title: adaptive[tensegrity]

Type: Research & Built Installation

Categories: Architecture, Material System, Computation

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Designed by Sushant Verma, Pradeep Devadass

Fabrication Collaborator: Oliver Hess (Aperiodic Industries)

Electrical Design Support: Howard Chen (Hsin-Hao Chen)

Volunteer Support: Richard Ruiz, John Whitcomb



Project Description


The project questions the static nature of architectural spaces, and engenders dynamism and motion in architecture in a complex and dynamic environment, combining art, architecture & interactive media. The aim is to develop prototypical systems, digitally and physically, and test them as interactive installations, speculated as building envelopes in the context of California & other geographical locations with hot climates. The installation is a system made of evolved tensegrity components, with embedded sensors and actuators, to make it respond to human movement and interacting with users through its state of dynamism and motion.