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adaptive [skins] - V2.0_FASHION

Project Title: adaptive[skins]-2.0_fashion

Type: Research

Categories: Fashion, Material System, Computation

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Designed by Vaia Gkerliotou, Sushant Verma, Pradeep Devadass



Project Description


This project investigates the movement of the human body in relation to the outer skin, and develops an adaptable fabric. Several materials are studied and researched and the potential ones are combined to form the fabric which produces a collective-cumulative effect. The fabric is developed to “breathe” i.e. an artificial surface skin system which responds to parameters such as body temperature and outside humidity. To increase the flexibility of the fabric, origami forms are articulated with the developed material systems to develop prototypes. The challenge of this process is to develop a ‘fabric system‘ which facilitates free body movement without any resistance or discomfort on the human skin. The complex form is developed through various analysis using computational design and physical tests at various scales and evaluated in the digital/ physical environment at every stage of design.


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