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Submission deadline: 25th September 2015 (11:59 PM GMT)


rat[LAB] EDUCATION opens ‘CALL FOR SUBMISSION’ for an upcoming publication as a culmination to ‘Computational Design Tour // Filling The Void’. ( The publication on computational design, with title to-be-confirmed, is scheduled to be launched internationally at the end of 2015.


We call for papers, articles, critiques and projects on generic themes under ‘Computational Design’ to be featured in the publication. We seek submissions with thematic fulfillment under the following theme codes:


  • CDARC: Computational Design within Architecture

  • CDART: Computational Design within Art (Experimental or otherwise)/Fashion/Public Art

  • CDID: Computational Design within Industrial Design

  • CDUDP: Computational Design within Urban Design and Planning

  • CD+: Computational Design bringing together various disciplines

  • CDGLOBAL : Computational Design’s Global Presence

  • CDIND: Computational Design in India

  • CDTOOL: Computational Design Tools

  • CDFUTURE: Future of Computational Design

  • NEM: New Education Model for Architecture/Design Pedagogy


We invite students, academicians and practicing professionals (of architecture, art and other design and non-design disciplines) from across the world to submit both experiential and theoretical papers/articles/critique/projects.



  • Both individually-developed and multiple-authored pieces are welcomed.

  • Multiple entries from the same author(s) are accepted.

  • The submission(s) can be multi-thematic. However, it is up to the author(s) to decide the theme code as per preference (kindly converge into the most suitable theme code)

  • The scope of the publication is writing about Computational Design in the broadest sense. We welcome contributions portraying finesse in writing under the themes.

  • The entry should be original and author(s) must have all rights to publish the work and images.

  • All submissions would go through an intensive review process (including plagiarism-check) by the editorial team of rat[LAB] EDUCATION, and announcement of selected papers would follow.



  • Word Limit: 2000-4000 words (short papers and articles can cater to the lower limit), including an abstract, texts, tables, footnotes, appendixes, and references.

  • Title should be on page 1 and not exceed 15 words.

  • Title should be followed by an abstract of 200-300 words. 3-5 keywords or key phrases are required.

  • Citing-Referencing style: Chicago Manual of Style (

  • Font and Type: Arial font (12-pt readable text for body)

  • Header of each page should include the name(s) of the author(s) with respective affiliations & e-mail. These are exempted from the word-limit.


Submission Checklist and Format:

Four inevitable attachments-


1. Final Piece in Editable MS Word file (formatted text; low-resolution images included and captioned as aforementioned)

2. Final Piece in High resolution PDF (of the above)

3. Annex: A short biography (300 words and a headshot photo) of the author(s)

File Naming: Paper_<Date of Submission(as YYMMDD)>_<Theme Code>_ <Title of submission-Shortened>


TO BE SHARED via DROPBOX/SkyDrive/GoogleDrive(or any other file sharing portal):

4. All images in high-resolution into Dropbox/SkyDrive/GoogleDrive (or any other file sharing portal) entitled as per: Images_ <Date of Submission(as YYMMDD)>_<Theme Code>_<Title of submission-Shortened>

Image Properties:

File Naming: <Image Number (as IMG 01,…)>_< Image Caption-Shortened>Resolution: 300 ppi

Other: CMYK (strictly), JPEG/TIFF, Full Color or B/W.

Size and Proportion: Vary according to requirement (subject to change as per publication layout)



  • Deadline for Submission : 25th September 2015 (11:59 PM GMT)

  • Notification of selected pieces (via e-mail to author(s)): 10th October 2015

  • Correspondence with selected authors, revisions and editing till 25th October 2015

  • Publication launch: End of 2015



Kindly note: All queries/correspondence and final submissions (attachments) with the Dropbox/SkyDrive/GoogleDrive link are to be mailed to Only complete submissions as per checklist will be entertained for review process. 

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